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About The Owner

Carol is not just a pet sitter. Carol takes a holistic approach to her client's pet care. Carol's niche has been to care for critical clients and is used to working with delicate animals and unique situations and has the experience, compassion, and professionalism to do so. Carol also has 4 dogs and is now caring for her second cancer dog.

Highlights include: long term care for an ill, geriatric cat, whose owners were comfortable enough with Carol to entrust his care to her when they had to travel to Germany and knew he would not survive the flight. Carol is properly trained in and routinely gives insulin injections to clients that request this service. Carol has a close relationship with her client's veterinarians which has proven valuble in her work.

Yes, she has worked with numerous pet organizations, welfare & humane societies. Yes, she has fostered for multiple rescue groups. Carol's approach is to work with the pet and the family to ensure the relationship thrives. She takes dogs into her home, in special circumstances, and gives special training to help ensure the human animal bond.

Carol is not just a pet sitter, she gives specialty pet care. You design the experience and she will work with you to make a plan to provide that service.

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"I feel very lucky to have found such a trustworthy pet sitter in such a small town. The first time I met Carol I felt really good about having her take care of my furry children. Carol loves animals and charges a very reasonable fee for the care and love she provides during her visits. I would certainly recommend Carol to my biggest pet lover friends."
"The Boxers request your services again. Thanks again for the excellent care you provide the Boxers- I never have to worry when you are in charge. I so appreciate it!"
Amber G.
"Carol is wonderful! She is very professional. She meets with you to get to know your pet's needs. When we were away on was nice to know our cat was in good hands. She kept me posted by email how our cat was doing. As well as a daily journal of our pet while we were away. She even brought in our newspaper from the driveway, offered to water our plants, and check our mail. Carol is flexible with her reservations and fast to respond. Having just PCS'ed here, it was nice to know that she has a great reputation in the military community. We will be using her again in the near future."
Heather R.