Carol Turner (Owner) After hiring a neighborhood kid to walk her dogs, Carol learned the hard way she could not trust her pets to just anyone! She soon realized her friends & neighbors had the same problem. So, after a major corporation hit the delete button on her office job, Carol took her part-time pet sitting business full-time.

Carol is not just a pet sitter extraordinare, she's a pet guardian for life (seriously, she took a class!). Carol will love on your pets just as she does her own. She can walk your dog (she has 4 rescues of her own) and play hide 'n go seek with your cat(s). She's also been know to talk and sing to the animals she works with, even the deaf ones! In her spare time she works with foster pets to ensure they find their final and forever home. Carol's passion is the all too often misunderstood bully breed and teaching them silly tricks.




Mike Turner (Business Manager) Mike is a Class of '84 West Point graduate, retired Army Infantry LTC and now a contractor on Fort Leavenworth. In his spare time, Mike is an award winning painter of Military, Fantasy and Science Fiction miniatures as well as Hallmark Ornaments! He is the Production Officer and Painter for a Game Company he and his retired buddies started, DGS-Games (Check their Facebook page!)

You will find him early in the morning or evening walking our 4 dogs, visiting the dog park, & rescuing kittens from the streets of Leavenworth. He also helps other local rescue groups by supporting their efforts in rescuing dumped & abandon dogs & puppies from Leavenworth.